About the MexTour

We’ve coordinated, planned, and ran the whole tour since 2021. We are honored to share the love and knowledge of rolling with kids and families across Mexico; exploring their culture, nature, and helping their community grow through sustainable long term relationship building. We enroll other volunteers and serve at no cost to anyone in the Mexico community. The local government helps with some ground transportation from beginning to end to the best of their capacity. The local roll fam are gracious hosts. But we are aiming to raise funds to help us cover equipment, materials, meals and other hydration costs that add up to a total of around $3000 dollars.

It’s fun teaching, learning, serving, connecting, and building community. However, it takes resources and funds to put everything together. We serve 6 cities with free clinics, workshops, and demos for the month of November.

Our interest as non-profit organizers within the roller community is to develop and engage relationships, connections and bonds with our neighboring communities that would result in nurturing growth for everyone, and exploring the endless beauty of Mexico along the way.
We will continue creating connections that build bridges within different sections of the roller regions of Mexico and the United States. With your help, we can make it happen once more. Become a part of this and join our efforts to bring positive change and growth to the Mexican roller community. 

How you can help

Here is a break down of how your donation helps the tour, but of course, any amount is appreciated:

  • $100: This will help us cover the costs of one workshop
  • $200: This will help us cover one clinic and one workshop
  • $500: This will help us cover all our free services at one city

Here are the goals of the tour

  • Free clinics, free clinics for coaches, and free workshops
    Which serve the purpose of creating a stream of interest that helps the teachers have a good base and the tools to be sustainable
  • Connecting networks of organizers from different regions so that the federation has a more comprehensive way of working with everyone that’s organizing blading across the country
  • Cultural Exchange between foreign and locals in a two way stream that creates instant growth through networking and connecting resources
  • Create a sustainable tour in which this could continue as a recurrent offering for the community. And hand it all over to the local organizers with continued support.

Become a volunteer

Would like to volunteer to be part of the tour? Message us! The local government will help us with some of the ground transportation, lodging and meals from beginning to end to the best of their capacity. We are aiming to cover the rest and possibly the cost of repairing the tour van with this fundraiser.

Ground transportation, lodging, and daily meal included by the tour. Just get your airfare and be a part of the journey! Check out the Free VOD of last year’s tour.

Thanks for supporting, please consider donating.

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