Metha Balasquides

President and Co-Founder

Metha, aka Reynaldo Balasquides, is a Puerto Rico native roller, performer, climber, outreach coordinator, and community organizer. 


An aggressive skater by nature, he has also been diving into long distance and all the forms in which rolling allows us to explore and experience our body,

mind, and spirit. He is a strong advocate of mental health awareness and resiliency development, wanting to promote wellness.


After over 20 years of skating and experiencing the roller family around many countries, he is now placing his love for this community into action to serve it, which led to founding Get Rollin alongside a group of other talented and dedicated rollers.

“The many of the few, are mighty together.”


Instagram: @Metha4


Selena Ramirez

VP and Co-Founder

Selena is not only the Co-Founder and Vice President of Get Rollin, but also a nature explorer, experienced climber, and community organizer. After two years of rolling, her climbing skills and love for the skating community have merged. A vivid advocate of self-care and development, she is now dedicating to  serve the roller family. Promoting self empowerment and diversity as she prefers to refer as her favorite way of skating.

As a psychology major in love with the physical and mental journeys, she shares her passion for anatomical learning in the most contagious way, by having fun and challenging herself. Selena is driven by the constant sharing of passions within our community. “Can’t wait to connect and share the love!”


Instagram: @thee.sel

Jackie Jeong

Food & Beverage Program Director

Jackie is a Queens, New York City native with 10 years of culinary training and experience in NYC. She’s passionate about promoting health and wellness for the athletes in our community. Our wellness program includes anti-inflammatory ginger and turmeric shots, local and healthier food options at blading events across the country. “I want to help athletes take care of themselves more than ever in this sport.  Mentally and physically. I’m happy I can do that through my love for cooking.”


“[I’m a] lover of aggressive, distance and quad skating. I just like to roll and have fun. That’s THE most important for me.”


Instagram: @culinaryj


Nowa Coston

Creative Development & Education Director

Nowa, aka LeperNYC, is a lifelong street skater, snowboarder, and skateboarder with roots in Michigan and Queens, New York. He is a devoted husband and father, a special educator, and a leatherworker. Nowa is currently riding flat and learning how to skate pools and bowls, and his favorite section will always be Hoax 2 NYC.

Instagram: @lepernyc

Dale Tan

Technical & Media Director

Dale has been in New York City going on 17 years. Originally from Seattle, WA, he grew up aggressive skating during his youth. After a 15 year hiatus, he put the skates back on during the pandemic stating, “Putting skates back on definitely kept me sane. It really allowed me to deal and escape from everything that was going on in my life during that time.”


Despite being an aggressive skater for so long, he really enjoys big wheeling in the city.


Instagram: @hellablades


Gracie Coston


Gracie married into rollerblading and was content for years to watch from the sides of whatever ledge or rail had caught her husband’s eye. She received her first pair of rollerblades from Nowa for her 37th birthday with a promise to keep her safe and help her feel comfortable giving her legs over to wheels. It was terrifying, exhilarating, freeing…all the best emotions rolled into one. Currently Gracie favors skate parks over street skating simply because other skaters will hurt less than a car if they run into you, but she admits there is always room for growth. She works in marketing and enjoys gardening, crocheting, skating, and photography in her free time. She lives with her husband, Nowa, and their daughter Chloe in Kalamazoo, Michigan.